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Trustee Tale is written and distributed by the Winnefox Library System and the Outagamie Waupaca Library System. The online version of the newsletter is in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

January 2019 Tips for Effective Board Meetings
Wisconsin Library Association Library Legislative Day
Virtual Library Board Meetings
FAQ: The county has appointed a county supervisor to our board, giving our board an even number of members. Don’t we have to have an odd-number of trustees? What about tie votes?
July 2018 New Wisconsin Public Library Standards Released
Wisconsin Library Trustee Training Week 2018
Fall Trustee Workshops
Public Records and Library Trustees
FAQ: Our village clerk attends library board meetings and would like to vote. Can she?
January 2018 New Records Retention Schedule for Wisconsin Libraries
It’s Time to Build Those Relationships
What Does That Mean?
Libraries and Sales Tax
FAQ: Our city has term limits for all city appointees: no one can serve more than two terms. The school administrator has already served two terms and would like to be reappointed.
June 2017 PLSR: The Public Library System Redesign project
The Value of Time Away from the Desk
Ask Them What Tey Want Part 2: Questions, Questions
FAQ: What’s the rule on public comments at library board meetings? Do we have to allow members of the public to speak?
Winter 2016 Ask Them What They Want, Part 1: Surveying Your Community
Introducing Carla Hayden, Librarian of Congress
It’s Time to Build Those Relationships
Hiring a Library Director: Attracting Candidates
FAQ: We’re beginning the search process for a new library director. The law says that the director has to be certifed. Does this mean that we can’t hire someone who isn’t already certifed as a library director?
Winter 2015 Library Confdentiality vs. Stewardship of Public Resources
FAQ: The local paper has asked us for a list of people who applied for our library director opening. Do we have to give them this information?
Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference Returns in January
How many Trustees?
Library Legislative Day
October 2015

Revisioning Wisconsin Public Library Systems
Developing an Effective Library: Step Two, The New Director’s First Weeks
Wisconsin Joins the Digital Public Library of America
FAQ: We’re remodeling the library next year. Do we have to have a formal competitive bidding process?

May 2015

A Library Advocacy Success Story
Wisconsin Trustee Training Week Webinar Series
The Future of Public Library Systems in Wisconsin
FAQ: A prospective library trustee has spent some time in jail. Can they still be appointed to the board?

Spring 2015

The Wisconsin PSLR (Public Library System Redesign Project)
Third Annual Wisconsin Trustee Training Week
Act 169: The Return of Library Materials Bill
FAQ: Our library posts a lot on social media. Are these posts considered public documents? Do we need to archive them?
I’m going to miss several meetings. Can I send someone to represent me while I’m gone?

February 2015

How to Talk to a Legislator (or Legislative Aide)
Library Board Virtual Meetings
Online Resources for Library Trustees
FAQ: One of the library’s employees will be retiing soon. Can I apply for the job?

September 2014

How to Overcome Controversy as a Board
Open Meetings Law and Public Records Law Webinars
Legislative Advocacy
Developing an Effective Library: Step One, Recruiting the Right Director
FAQ: Our school district administrator has just left the library board and appointed someone else to represent him. He was on our personnel committee and would like to continue to serve there. Can he?

June 2014

Trustee Orientation: Building Effective Library Trustees
Wisconsin Trustee Training Week Webinar Series
Legislative Update: Act 157
Save the Date - Wisconsin Library Association (WLA) Annual Conference
FAQ: We’ve been having trouble getting a quorum at some of our meetings. I’ve read that there’s a provision in statutes that we don’t need a majority present for a quorum. Can we do this?

February 2014

The Trustees’ Job Description
Welcome Walter!
Appointing Trustees who Represent the Community
Save the Dates – 2014

October 2013 Do’s and Don’ts for Hiring a New Director
The Elevator Speech Revisited
Happy Retirement, Rick
FAQ: What’s the difference between policy and bylaws?
June 2013

The Public Library in the 21st Century
Recruiting New Trustees
Procedures for Closed Sessions
FAQ: Our board is supposed to have 6 members but there’s a long-standing vacancy that the village has been unable to fill. Do we count a quorum as if we had all seats filled (4 members) or by the number of current trustees (3 members)?

March 2013

The Impact of Governor Walker’s Budget Proposal on Public Libraries
Planning for the Library’s Future – Part Two
Trust in Your Trustees
FAQ: I’ve recently retired and plan to spend part of the winter where it’s warmer. Can I participate in library board meetings online while I’m gone?

November 2012

Planning for the Library’s Future – Part One
Legal Reasons for Closed Sessions
FAQ: If a library trustee is temporarily unable to perform his or her duties because of an illness, may the municipality appoint someone to fill the temporary vacancy until the trustee is able to return and perform his or her duties?

August 2012

Monthly Library Board Meetings
Selecting new Library Trustees: Using an Application Form
2012 Wisconsin Library Association Conference
FAQ: How detailed do minutes of a closed session need to be?

May 2012

Legislative Roundup
Quantitative Standards Calculator Updated
Library Board Options for Investment of Gifts and Bequests
FAQ: I just found out that our library needs to replace one of its computers. The board hasn’t included a computer in this year’s budget, but we have money available in a capital improvements fund. Do we have any options other than waiting for the next meeting to have the board approve purchasing a new computer?

February 2012

Advocate for Your Library Now! Advocate for Your Library Every Day! Tips from OCLC and Geek the Library
Library Advocacy Top-11 List
Weed ’Em and Weep
Consider Adding a Youth Member to Your Library Board
FAQ: My term on the library board is up; the village board hasn’t reappointed me yet but they are planning to do next month. May I attend and participate in this month’s library board meeting?

November 2011 Ebooks, and Kindles, and Nooks, Oh My!
A Very Brief Introduction to Compensation for Nonresident Service
Changes in Library Director Continuing Education Requirements
FAQ: I’ve heard that for all our meetings we have to post an agenda in three places in the community. Is this true?
July 2011 Show ‘Em You’re Hurting: Let Patrons Know How Budget Cuts Impact Library Service
“About Us”
FAQ: Are board committees subject to the Open Meetings Law?
The Library Director Search Process — Hiring From Within or Conducting a Search Process
March 2011 The Impact of Governor Walker’s Budget Proposal on Public Libraries
Library Meeting Room Policies
Libraries & 501c3 Status and Certificates of Exempt Status
FAQ: The bank says we need an EIN number for our trust fund account. What's an EIN and how do we get it?
December 2010 An Overview of Library System Membership Requirements
Election Year Challenge: 100 Contacts with New Officials
Does Your Library Director Have These Skills?
2011 Library Legislation Day
FAQ: How many board members constitute a quorum of the board?
September 2010 Recruiting Library Trustees
Library Trustees as Public Officials
FAQ: Do we have to post a meeting notice every time the board gets together?
June 2010 Creating a Common Agenda With Your Elected Officials
Library Photocopy Machines and Library Records
Trustee Responsibilities from the System Point of View
FAQ: Our library director is going to be retiring soon. Should we include salary information in the ad?
February 2010 What New Directors Want from Library Boards
The New Library Trustee’s First Five
Library Board Checklist for a New Library Director’s Orientation
November 2009 The Americans With Disabilities Act after 19 Years
The Trustee’s Role Regarding Intellectual Freedom
Here ’s What We Know About Libraries… and What Your Local & County Officials Need to Know
FAQ: Can members of the village board or city council be excluded from a closed session of the library board?
Summer 2009 Online Resources for Library Trustees
The State Budget and Your Library
Library Trustee Training Videos
FAQ: What types of questions can’t we ask when interviewing candidates for the library director position?
Giving the “Elevator Spiel”
Spring 2009

Nurturing New Library Directors
A Tip for Conducting Efficient Board Meetings
FAQ: Are closed sessions limited to trustees only or can others attend?

Winter 2009 Trustee Appointment FAQ
The State Budget and Your Library
Fall 2008 The Myth of Free Library Service
Is Your Community Viable?
Not Just For Librarians
How to Draw More Latinos into Public Libraries
Latinos and Public Library Perceptions
Are you ETDBW?
Spring 2008 Public Libraries’ Economic Impact
Evaluating the Library Director
Thoughts about Public Library Systems II
A Trustee ’s Basic Seven
Winter 2008 Thoughts about Public Library Systems I
Board Self-Evaluation
Legislative Update
Joint Libraries – An Interesting Model for Public Library Service
Fall 2007 Who is the Wisconsin Library User (and Non-User)?
Changes to Public Library System Membership Requirements
Personnel Management: The Board and the Director
An Appropriate Division of Labor
Attend Library Legislative Day
Summer 2007 Changing the Guard?
Web 2.0
Legislative Update
Spring 2007 Trustees Make Up a Vital Part of the Wisconsin Library Association
Library 2.0
Governor Doyle ’s Proposed State Budget
Winter 2006 Advice from Library Trustees and Directors, part 2
Making the Ask
Trustees Make Up a Vital Part of the Wisconsin Library Association
Fall 2006 How to be an Advocate for Your Library
Advice from Library Trustees and Directors, part 1
Making Connections: the 2006 Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference
Summer 2006 Disaster Planning for Libraries
New Records Retention Schedule for Wisconsin Libraries
New Legislation Affecting Libraries
Spring 2006 New Poll Shows Americans Value Libraries
Avoiding the Pitfalls in Hiring a New Director
Twelve Golden Rules for Board Members
Winter 2005 The Campaign for Wisconsin Libraries
Selecting New Trustees
Happy Retirement Greta!
Fall 2005 The Times They Are A-Changin’
Legislative Update
A Big Thank You
To Share or Not to Share
Summer 2005 Free Access to Ideas
Does an M.L.S. Guarantee a Good Director?
Some Tips for Taking Good Minutes
Training for Trustees
Spring 2005 Top Ten Action List for Library Trustees
Wisconsin’s Open Meetings Law
Recognizing the Importance of Your Board Minutes
Changes in new Certification Manual
Winter 2004 Public Library Districts: An Alternative for Wisconsin
How the State Budget Affects Your Library
John DeBacher is New Public Library Consultant
Fall 2004 The Responsibility of Being a Fan
The “I’s” of Communicating with Municipal Officials
Review of Better Together
Summer 2004 Email and the Wisconsin Open Meetings Law
Changes in Wisconsin Library Confidentiality Law
WLA — Your Source for Information on the Web
Defibrillators in Libraries
Spring 2004 Can You Guess Who I Am?
Avoiding Conflict Between the Board & the Director
A Policy List for Public Libraries
Winnefox Workshop Announcement
Winter 2003 Charging Fees for Library Services
What You Can & Can’t Charge For
Community Analysis
Fall 2003 Internet Filters in Libraries: What Do You Do?
Top 10 Reasons to Attend WLA
Attendance at Board Meetings
Summer 2003
Volume X
Knowing Your Values Helps Decision Making
Who is (or is not) the Wisconsin Public Library User? (WPLC survey)
Libraries & the State Budget
Links to SLP Websites
Spring 2003
Volume IX
Stand up for Libraries (LLD report)
Effective, Useful, and Legal Meeting Minutes
Seeing Ourselves in the Municipal Mirror
Farewell to Carla B.
Winter 2002
Volume VIII
Stand Up For Libraries (pre-LLD article)
Wisconsin Public Library Legislation and Funding Task Force
The Value Of Libraries
Fall 2002
Volume VII
What A Director Needs To Know
Director Certification
Ken Hall, New Director at Fond du Lac
Summer 2002
Volume VI
Balancing the Books: Do Your Procedures Add Up?
Dealing With Donations
Monthly Financial Reporting
Winnefox Launches New Web Site
Spring 2002
Volume V
Libraries Are an Essential Service
Library Systems Take Cuts in 2003
Tax Exempt? – Various examples of sales tax exemptions
Winter 2002
Volume IV
WI Celebrates 30 Years of Library Systems
The Planning Process In Brief for Small Libraries Part II
   Developing Activities
Developing An Effective Library: Step One,
Recruiting the Right Director
Summer 2001
Volume III
The Planning Process In Brief for a Small Library Part I
   Developing a mission statement
   Developing goals
Avoiding Financial Frustration
Top Ten Action List for Trustees
Spring 2001
Volume II
Budget Deliberations: System Funding and 13%
   Personnel Management: The Board and the Director
   An appropriate division of labor
Professional Development and Continuing Education
Your Board Meeting: Problems and Solutions
Web links for Library Trustees
Winter 2001
Volume I
Mastering the Political Process
   From Good Will to Advocacy
   Tips on the Art of Lobbying
Trustee Responsibilities
   Ask for what the library needs
   Support your library director
   Use the library
Are You Legal? Library Board Meetings
Reference Questions Rise with Internet Use

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