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The Winnefox Library System will provide inspection, cleaning, and repair of video materials for member libraries on a cost recovery basis. This service applies only to video materials that are owned by the member libraries. WLS has a RTI Professional VHS Videotape Cleaner, Conditioner, Rewinder and other special equipment to perform the needed repairs. In addition, the system Media Specialist has received additional training in the care and handling of electronic media and provides consulting services to member libraries.

Fees are as follows:

Inspection, cleaning, and conditioning $ .25 per tape
Repair, including splicing, replacement of Tape leader, replacement of cassette, etc. $5.00 per tape

Note: Fee is based on the average cost of the variety of repairs performed.

The Winnefox Library System is not responsible for unsuccessful repairs of videotapes sent for inspection and repair. If a videotape can not be repaired, no fee will be charged.

Updated January 10, 2003