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Section 43.24(2)(e)(3) of the Wisconsin Statutes states:

"(e) Each system shall provide the following services by the end of the third year of operation: (3) The honoring of valid borrowers' cards of all public libraries in the system by all public libraries in the system."

1. A valid borrower's card issued by a member library of the Winnefox Library System shall be honored at all other public libraries in the system.

2. The WLS patron will be accorded full borrowing privileges of the lending library, subject to the same rules, regulations, and procedures which govern its own patrons.

3. The WLS patron may return library materials to their home library for return to the lending library via the Winnefox van; except when the lending library specifically requires direct return of items borrowed.

4. It is assumed that most system residents will obtain borrowers' cards from their nearest library. However, member libraries may issue temporary borrowers' cards to patrons presenting proper identification. In this case, the patron's "home" library will be notified of their request.

5. WLS libraries may keep a record of the number of items borrowed by patrons other than their own.

6. In the event of the loss or damage of library materials lent under this program, the standard procedure of the lending library for retrieval or reimbursement will be followed. Whenever an outstanding account is not resolved, the patron's home library will be notified and will assist in concluding the matter satisfactorily. If all reasonable efforts for collection or reimbursement have been exhausted, the Winnefox Library System will reimburse the lending library for the lost or damaged material.

Adopted April 30, 1980

Updated January 10, 2003