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As stated in the WLS Mission Statement, the focus of system service programs is to strengthen library services and to improve the availability of resources for all residents of the system area. One service program is the Continuing Education Program which is designed to offer various educational opportunities to improve the knowledge and skills of system librarians and trustees.

It is the responsibility of the system and member libraries to work in partnership to make a broad range of educational opportunities available for the benefit and development of all library personnel and trustees.

  • The member library board is required to employ an administrator who is either appropriately certified or eligible for certification. Certification, recertification and continuing education requirements are specified in Certification Manual for Wisconsin Public Librarians, 1993. Specific continuing education standards are included in the Staffing chapter of Wisconsin Public Library Standards, 1994.
  • In accordance with Wisconsin Statute 43.24(2)(e), the library system is required to provide an "in-service training" (continuing education) service program for member libraries.

Educational opportunities provided by WLS include:

1. WLS sponsored workshops: minimum of 4 each year:

The system will pay all workshop costs including speakers, required workshop materials, and mileage for librarians and/or trustees to attend the workshops. Development of a workshop calendar will consider joint sponsorship with neighboring systems and coordination of activities with the Fox Valley Library Council (FVLC) and other area organizations.

2. UW-Extension and UW-SLIS sponsored Educational Teleconference Network (ETN) library related courses:

a) The system will pay the ETN registration fees for courses totaling no more than one (1) CEP for each library director in one calendar year. Since State Public Librarian certification is required for all member library directors, the first priority for funding ETN registration fees will be for directors.

b) Grade II and III certification course courses: Certification requires successful completion of courses in the areas of selection of library materials, organization of library materials and provision of reference and information services. The system will reimburse member libraries for the registration fee for no more than one WLS Policy Statement Continuation Education Funds for Member Libraries Page 2 (1) core course per library director. Reimbursements will be made upon evidence of successful completion of the course. System reimbursement will be made only if Division for Libraries and Community Learning "Tuition Reimbursement Grants" are no longer available.

c) Within budget limitations, the system will pay ETN course registration fees for trustees and other library personnel.

3. Kay Swan Study Grants:

Study grant funds are budgeted annually to help fund attendance at specific educational programs offered or sponsored by outside institutions, organizations or associations. These grants are intended to develop special library skills and expertise which can be shared with all member libraries. Grants are limited to no more than $200 with matching institutional or personal funds required. All library staff are eligible to apply.

4. FoxRap, the WLS continuing education newsletter, is published at least five (5) times each year. It is a calendar listing courses, conferences, institutes, workshops, etc. on various topics that are offered by other systems or educational institutions and organizations. In addition, workshop announcements and notices from outside sources are distributed to all member libraries.

5. Professional Consulting Service:

The system may request assistance from professional staff of member libraries to provide specific consulting services. In payment for those services, "professional consulting credits, "based on consulting hours of service, are awarded to that consultant's library for use of the following year. Earned consulting credits may be used for a variety of continuing education programs of the library's choice.


Date approved by System Board: January 26, 1995
Date Modified:

Updated January 10, 2003