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Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning

Annual Public Library System Plan and Certification of Intent to Comply
for Calendar Year 2002

Library System: Winnefox Library System 106 Washington Oshkosh WI 54901

Describe demographic, economic, and other facts about your system that influenced the development of this and other system plans.

The primary economic impact affecting this plan is the need to cut services due to flat state funding for library systems. Funds to purchase new material for rotating collections have been discontinued. Member library educational support has been severely restricted. 2002 will see the beginning of a dialogue between member libraries, member counties, and the sys-tem to explore alternatives for funding basic services. In a climate where counties and municipalities are already providing maximum support to member libraries, this will be difficult.

Winnefox provides support to libraries of widely varying size. While the majority of Winnefox libraries are located in communities of less than 3,000, we also serve two large metropolitan libraries and four medium size libraries. We are chal-lenged to not only assist our small libraries in providing services normally found only in large communities, but also to pro-vide our larger libraries with services sufficient to keep them interested in system membership. In order to provide the greatest good to all, Winnefox provides services that are a benefit to any size library such as printing and graphics, market-ing and public relations assistance, electronic infrastructure support, and electronic resources.

Though the population of all counties continues to be predominately white, all report increasing numbers of Hispanics. More than 10% of the students in the Menasha public schools in Winnebago County, for example, consider English to be their second language. The 2000 census confirmed large increases in Spanish speaking individuals in rural Marquette and Waushara counties as well. The growth of new ethnic populations is causing our membership to examine what they are do-ing to serve those for whom English is a second language, or for whom reading is not a traditional family value.

All counties continue to post population growth of at least 3%. Many retirees are moving into the rural counties from urban areas bringing differing expectation of service. They are used to the resources available at urban libraries. The fact that the population growth is outside of municipalities that support libraries will have a significant impact on the direction of county funding for libraries.

Describe significant needs and problems that influenced the development of this and other system plans.

The most significant needs within Winnefox include increased electronic resource development, achieving 100% member library participation within Winnefox Automated Library Services (WALS), assisting member libraries in serving emerging new readers, and assisting libraries in the development of effective boards. Member library directors as well as trustees consistently mention electronic service development as a major priority. Electronic services increase the opportunity for rural libraries to offer services on a par with urban libraries. This not only helps them meet the expectations of newcomers from urban areas, but also opens new opportunities for long time residents. At the same time, all libraries, large and small, must keep up with the demands of an increasingly sophisticated information seeking public. Hand in hand with the opportu-nities of electronic services are the needs for increased staff training and funding for equipment and resources.

As 2001 draws to a close, 25 of our 30 member libraries are either automated or in the process of automating with the Win-nefox Automated Library Service (WALS). Three of the remaining five are located in Fond du Lac County. These librar-ies will migrate in the next few years as their stand-alone systems need replacing. Bringing new libraries on line while serving the needs of existing WALS members has been a challenge for Winnefox. WALS associate members have re-quested greater technical support and Winnefox is attempting to meet this request with added staff to serve both WALS members and other Winnefox member libraries. All libraries continue to add computers, expand public Internet access, and search for new ways to serve the public.

The influx of new ethnic populations coupled with the traditional role of Winnefox members of encouraging reading has focused increased attention on emerging new readers. Much attention will be given to establishing and strengthening ser-vices to those for whom English is a second language. Building on a $20,000 grant from Winnebago County, Winnefox will use LSTA funds to strengthen service in other counties. The Winnefox system, as well as our member libraries, has always been blessed with caring, committed trustees. The ever-increasing competition for support among public institutions is causing Winnefox to search for new ways to increase our support to trustees. Workshops are carried out in partnership with the Outagamie Waupaca Library System for the benefit of trustees and are very well attended. Trustee Tale, a quarterly newsletter produced by the system has been very well re-ceived and is now being distributed to other systems. The coordinator is asked to provide consulting to individual boards on a frequent basis. Meeting the needs of trustees will continue to be a major concern of Winnefox in 2002.

Describe the planning environment and process under which this and other system plans were developed. (List additional system planning documents with the period covered and attach any planning documents which have not previously been provided to the division.)

Coordination of long range planning for Winnefox is primarily the responsibility of the System Coordinator with the participation and consultation of the Director. Professional staff from the resource library as well as the direc-tors of member libraries play a major role. Activities in 2001 included an annual system wide planning meeting in January and regular meetings of the Library Advisory Committees (LAC) in each county. Other special meetings were held specifically for redrafting the system special needs plan.

The bulk of planning is carried out at LAC meetings. LACs are organized by county and are comprised of the library directors in each county. Each LAC meets several times each year with county board representatives in each county. Meetings between LACs and county board members are increasing. In Green Lake County, for ex-ample, the LAC reports to the Agriculture, Education, and Extension Committee monthly.

Multi-type planning is done in association with the Fox Valley Library Council (FVLC) and the Outagamie Wau-paca Library System (OWLS) with the participation of many system and member library staff members. The FVLC Five Year Plan was updated in 2001 and is attached. FVLC is currently in the process of completely revis-ing its plan of service and structure. WLS and OWLS recognize common goals and concerns exist for the two systems. The WLS Assistant Director and the OWLS Assistant Director met several times in 2001 to discuss mu-tual concerns and plan joint activities. This cooperation resulted in several joint workshops for trustees with more collaboration expected in 2002

Evaluations of continuing education workshops, system staff visits to member libraries, library generated statis-tics, member library responses to special surveys, and general observations are elements contributing to our plan-ning. Both the System Coordinator and the Field Services Librarian meet with other service providers regularly to discuss opportunities to serve users with special needs.

The following plan and compliance document provides assurance that your public library system intends to comply with all statutory requirements for public library systems for calendar year 2002. Indicate with a check your system's intent to comply with each system requirement and provide the requested information under each system requirement.

S.43.24(2) For a public library system to qualify for and maintain its eligibility for state aid under this section it shall ensure that all of the following are provided:

Membership Agreements

_X_ (a) Written agreements to provide, to any resident of the
system area, the same library services, on the same terms, that are provided to the residents of the municipality or county that established the member library, except for the group programming preference authorized under s. 43.15 (4) (c) 4., and to provide for the interlibrary loan of materials among all participating public libraries, as evidenced by agreements with those libraries.

_X_ A copy of the agreement with a list of all members signing it will be provided to the division by January 15.

Resource Library Agreement

_X (b) Backup reference, information and interlibrary loan services from the system resource library, including the development of and access to specialized collections, as evidenced by a written agreement with that library.

_X A signed copy of the resource library agreement will be provided to the division by January 15.

Reference referral and interlibrary loan

_X S.43.24(2)(d) Referral or routing of reference and interlibrary loan requests from libraries within the system to libraries within and outside the system


List ongoing activities related to this requirement:

  • Provide clearinghouse function for all member ILL requests
  • Maintain a shared database of member library bibliographic records and holdings
  • Maintain an information & referral service and database of human service programs and clubs & organizations in the Winnefox area
  • Winnefox Web Coordinator provides support, training and assistance at development of library web pages for web access to library information, electronic information resources, and community information.
  • Oshkosh Public Library and Winnefox staff participate in a collaborative venture to maintain a community web page for Oshkosh to provide a single source for web based information.
  • Use WISCAT and QUILL at the clearinghouse to promote interlibrary loan.

New or priority activities relating to this requirement for the plan year:

See "Summary, Section 1: Technology"

In-service training

_X S.43.24(2)(e) In-service training for participating public library personnel and trustees.

List ongoing activities related to this requirement:

1. Provide regular workshops at varied locations around the system.

2. Provide one-on-one training to directors and other member library staff as needed.

3. Survey member libraries regarding their training needs annually.

4. Provide information to member libraries regarding training/education activities available from other pro-viders as this information becomes available.

Because of lack of state funding, Winnefox will no longer be able to pay mileage to Winnefox member library staff attending workshops. Nor will Winnefox be able to provide reimbursement for tuition or other fees for edu-cational opportunities.

New or priority activities relating to this requirement for the plan year:

See "Summary, Section III, Continuing Education and Consulting"


Delivery and communication

_X S. 43.24 (2)(fm) Electronic delivery of information and physical delivery of library materials to participating libraries.

List ongoing activities related to this requirement:

1. Provide three or five day per-week delivery to all member libraries.

2. Use fax and e-mail to answer information requests.

3. Continue 5-day per-week participation in the statewide delivery service.

4. Continue to accept receipt of ILL requests via Email, QuILL, OCLC, fax, phone or U.S. mail.

5. Continue publication of the Ides our monthly electronic newsmagazine aimed at training library staff in Internet use.

New or priority activities relating to this requirement for the plan year:

See "Summary, Section II, Delivery Service"

Service agreements

_X S.43.24(2)(g) Service agreements with all adjacent library systems.

_X A copy of the agreement with adjacent systems with a list of all systems signing the agreement will be provided to the division by January 15.

Professional consultation

_X S. 43.24(2)(h) Professional consultant services to participating public libraries.

List ongoing activities related to this requirement:

1. System staff visits new directors individually to provide a one-on-one orientation to system services.

2. System staff visits member library directors (primarily of smaller libraries) to provide consulting regarding budgeting, building expansion, long range planning, personnel issues or other professional concerns whenever requested.

3. System staff answers questions by telephone and e-mail as they are received. Staff will consult with out-side sources, such as DLTCL or colleagues around the state, whenever necessary.

4. System staff promotes consulting services within the Winnefox Handbook for Directors and Trustees, the system newsletter, and at meetings and workshops.

5. The System Coordinator attends four out of five county Library Advisory Committee (LAC) meetings while the System Director meets with the Winnebago County LAC. Other staff attend as needed.

6. WALS staff and resource library staff visits member libraries and provide training in the use of the auto-mated system as needed.

New or priority activities relating to this requirement for the plan year:

See "Summary, Section III, Continuing Education and Consulting"

Service to users with special needs

_X S.43.24(2)(k) Promotion and facilitation of library service to users with special needs.

List ongoing activities related to this requirement:

1. Continue to promote electronic information delivery from member libraries as a means to extend tradi-tional library service to the homebound and those with special needs.

2. Continue to provide workshops and individual consulting to member libraries on topics related to services to users with special needs.

3. Continue to network with others throughout the state exchanging ideas and information regarding ser-vices to those with special needs.

New or priority activities relating to this requirement for the plan year:

See "Summary, Section IV, Library Services to Special Users"

Other types of libraries

_X_ S.43.24(2)(L) Cooperation and continuous planning with other types of libraries in the system area which results in agreements with those libraries for the appropriate sharing of library re-sources to benefit the clientele of all libraries in the system area.

_X_ The system will have agreements with other types of libraries, or if the system participates in a coopera-tion agreement with a multitype organization to meet the purposes of this goal, there is established a clear link between the system and the individual members of the multitype organization. A copy of the agree-ment with a list of all signing libraries will be provided to the division by January 15.

Library Technology and Resource Sharing Plan

_X_ S.43.24(2)(m) Planning with the division and with participating public libraries and other types of libraries in the area in regard to library technology and the sharing of resources. By January 1, 2000, and every 5th January 1 thereafter, the public library system shall submit to the division a written plan for library technology and the sharing of resources.

_ X_ Member public libraries and other types of libraries in the system area have had an opportunity to review and comment on the plan.

_X_ A copy of the written plan, including any revisions and amendments, for library technology and resource sharing is attached to this document.

Other service programs

S.43.24(2(i) Any other service programs designed to meet the needs of participating public libraries and the residents of the system area, as determined by the public library system board after consultation with participating public libraries.

List each "other" service programs individually with ongoing activities and new or priority activities for the plan year under each program. For instance, if the system provides a bookmobile service program, list ongoing activities and new or priority activities for the bookmobile program. (Do not lump miscella-neous activities under a single "other" program.)

Winnefox Cooperative Technical Services (WCTS)

Ongoing Activities:

WCTS provides cooperative book selection and processing for member libraries. WCTS staff provides "work days" consisting of on-site help and consultation for special projects such as weeding. The Field Service Librarian, which is 50% funded by WCTS, provides frequent on site consulting and problem solv-ing for WCTS members. WCTS also contributes towards a computer support position in WALS in order to obtain more frequent on-site technology assistance. This funding also provides an extra management computer to WCTS members. WCTS funding is provided on behalf of the libraries directly from Green Lake, Waushara, and Marquette Counties. Winnefox member libraries outside of these counties may contract for services from WCTS at cost.

Priorities for Printing and Graphics and Public Relations and Marketing are contained in "Summary, Sec-tion VII, Public Information"


_X_ The system will not expend more than 20 percent of the state aid projected to be received in the plan year for administration.


_X_ A copy of your public library system budget by service program category and fund source for the plan year (see attached guidelines) is attached.



We, the undersigned, hereby certify that to the best of our knowledge the information provided in this document and any attachments is true and correct, and that the system will be in full compliance with s. 43.24 (2)(a) through s. 43.24(2)(m) of the Wisconsin Statutes for the year 2002.



System Director



System Board President


Executive Summary


Updated January 10, 2003