January 31, 2007



The regular meeting of the Winnefox Library System Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:32 p.m. on Wednesday, January 31, 2007, in the Meeting Room at the Oshkosh Public Library by President Lewis Rosser.  Trustees present were: Barbara Asmus; Lurton Blassingame; John Brennan; Debra Clark; Jo Dell’Antonia; Bonita Dresen; Yvonne Feavel; Vern Hess; Jackie Jurkowski; Judy Malueg; John Muentner; Jeff Ogle; Mary Olson; James Reiland; Lewis Rosser; Joyce Schoepel; Paul Wade; Tom Widener; and Scott Woldt.  Trustees absent were:  Lori Pain and Kay Roethel.  Also present were:  Jeff Gilderson-Duwe, Director of Winnefox Library System & Oshkosh Public Library; Mark Arend, Assistant Director; Marcy Cannon, Administrative Specialist; Desiree Bongers, Director of Ripon Public Library; Cindy Wallace, WCTS Assistant Program Coordinator; Chris Carol and Diane Disterhaft, Co-Directors of Berlin Public Library; Ken Hall, Director of Fond du Lac Public Library; Renee Miller, Graphic Arts Specialist, and Karen Boehning, WALS Program Coordinator.


Public comments:  none.



Motion to approve the minutes of the November 29, 2006 regular Winnefox Board Meeting.  Motion: Woldt; Second: Blassingame; Vote: Unanimous.



Motion to approve the November 2006 and December 2006 WLS Classification of Invoices Previously Paid.  Motion: Woldt; Second:  Dell’Antonia; Vote: Unanimous. 


Motion to approve the November 2006 and December 2006 WALS Classification of Invoices Previously Paid.  Motion: Brennan; Second: Dresen; Vote: Unanimous.


Motion to approve the November 2006 and December 2006 WCTS Classification of Invoices Previously Paid.  Motion: Wade; Second: Clark; Vote: Unanimous.


Jeff Gilderson-Duwe gave the Report of the Director.


Resolution of Appreciation – Departing Trustees

Motion to approve the Resolutions of Appreciation as contained in Exhibit A.  Motion: Schoepel; Second: Brennan; Vote: Unanimous.


Board of Officers Election

The Nominating Committee reported their selection of Lewis Rosser for President; Vern Hess for Vice-President; and Lurton Blassingame for Secretary/Treasurer.  Nominations were called for three times from the floor.  There being no further nominations, a motion was made to close nominations.  Motion:  Woldt; Second:  Dell’Antonia; Vote:  Unanimous.


Motion to approve the slate of officers recommended by the nominating committee.  Motion: Malueg; Second: Dell’Antonia; Vote: Unanimous.


Board Appointments To Strategic Planning Committee

Motion to approve the appointment of Paul Wade and Mary Olson to the Strategic Planning Committee.  Motion: Dresen; Second: Blassingame; Vote: Unanimous.


WLS Bylaws Change Proposal – Repeated Board Member Absences

Motion to approve the following text to the WLS Bylaws (Article II, Section 4):


When any trustee is absent without notice from three regular meetings of the board within a calendar year the president shall notify the appointing authority of such absences, suggesting that consideration be given to a replacement on the Board of Trustees.


Motion: Woldt; Second: Blassingame; Vote: 18 ayes and 1 nay (Widener).


Depository Resolution

Motion to approve the Depository Resolution as contained in Exhibit B.  Motion:  Clark; Second:  Dresen; Vote:  Unanimous.


Production Printing Solution

Motion to approve purchase of the RISO Model 5500 digital duplicator from shared capital reserve funds as contained in Exhibit C.  Motion:  Reiland; Second:  Widener; Vote:  Unanimous.


Act 420 & Cross-County Reimbursements For Rural Use

Mark Arend gave a presentation on Act 420 & cross-country reimbursements for rural use.


Woldt, Blassingame, and Feavel left the meeting.


Motion to adjourn at 5:53 p.m.  Motion: Widener; Second: Brennan; Vote: Unanimous.


Respectfully submitted,


Lurton Blassingame, Secretary

Marcy Cannon, Recorder