November 22, 2005



The regular meeting of the Winnefox Library System Board of Trustees was called to order at 4:33 p.m. on Tuesday, November 22, 2005, in the Meeting Room at the Oshkosh Public Library by President Judy Malueg. Trustees present were: Lurton Blassingame, John Brennan, Debra Clark, Jo Dell’Antonia, Bonita Dresen, Yvonne Feavel, Peter Gratton, Vern Hess, Jackie Jurkowski, Judy Malueg, John Muentner, Jeff Ogle, Mary Olson, Kay Roethel, Lewis Rosser, Joyce Schoepel, Paul Wade, Merry Whipple, Tom Widener, Tom Willadsen and Scott Woldt.  Jennifer Corbin and James Reiland were absent.  Also present were:  John Nichols, Director of Winnefox Library System; Mark Arend, Assistant Director of Winnefox Library System; Joan Mueller, Assistant Director of Oshkosh Public Library; Richard Bowman, Oshkosh Public Library Business Manager; Julie Schmude, Administrative Services Coordinator; Karen Boehning, WALS Program Coordinator; Ken Hall, Director of Fond du Lac Public Library; Stephen Proces, Director of Neenah Public Library; Cindy Wallace, WCTS Assistant Program Coordinator; and Bethany Warner, The Northwestern


Public comments:  none.



Motion to approve minutes of the September 27, 2005 regular Winnefox Board Meeting.  Motion: Whipple; Second: Roethel; Vote: Unanimous.



Motion to approve the September 2005 and October 2005 WLS Classification of Invoices Previously Paid.  Motion: Muentner; Second: Willadsen; Vote: Unanimous.


Motion to approve the September 2005 and October 2005 WALS Classification of Invoices Previously Paid.  Motion: Roethel; Second: Feavel; Vote: Unanimous.


Motion to approve the September 2005 and October 2005 WCTS Classification of Invoices Previously Paid.  Motion:  Willadsen; Second:  Clark; Vote:  Unanimous.


John Nichols gave the Report of the Director


Award Bids – Replacement Van(s)

Motion to award bid to apparent low bidder, Gandrud Chevrolet, for two replacement 2006 Chevrolet Express Cargo Vans 2500 for $15,540.31 each.  Motion:  Woldt; Second:  Blassingame; Vote:  Unanimous


2006 Calendar of Board Meetings

Motion to approve the 2006 Calendar of Board Meetings as proposed in Exhibit A.   Motion: Olson; Second: Schoepel.  Widener and Whipple thought the Board should meet once a month.  Motion to table until later in the meeting.  Motion: Dresen; Second: Willadsen; Vote:  Unanimous.


2006 County Plans

Motion to act on the Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Marquette, and Waushara County Plans as presented.   Motion: Woldt; Second: Rosser; Vote:  Unanimous.


2006 Winnebago County Agreement/Plan

Motion to delete paragraph 6d. from the County Service Agreement Plan.  Motion:  Whipple; Second:  Blassingame; Motion Withdrawn.


Motion that Winnefox should not debit Omro the amount they are in arrears for non-reciprocal payments.  Motion: Woldt; Second: Dell’Antonia; Vote:  Unanimous.


Motion to remove section 6d from the Winnebago County Agreement/Plan as described in Exhibit C.  Motion: Blassingame; Second: Woldt; Vote:  Unanimous.


Winnefox Library System Nominating Committee

Merry Whipple, Lurton Blassingame and Paul Wade have been appointed to the Nominating Committee and will report back to the Board at the January meeting.


2006 Calendar of Board Meetings

Motion to postpone making a decision on moving to monthly meetings until a later time when the Board can get input from the new Director.  Motion:  Blassingame; Second:  Rosser; Vote:  Unanimous.


Woldt left the meeting at this time.


Motion to convene in Closed Session to review and discuss the final applicant(s) for the position of Executive Director pursuant to Section 19.85(1)(c) of the Wisconsin State Statues.  Motion:  Widener; Second:  Rosser; Vote:  Motion passed 19-1; Aye:  Blassingame, Brennan, Clark, Dell’Antonia, Dresen, Feavel, Gratton, Hess, Jurkowski, Malueg, Muentner, Ogle, Olson, Roethel, Rosser, Schoepel, Wade, Whipple, Willadsen; Nay:  Widener.


Motion to Reconvene into Open Session.  Motion:  Wade; Second:  Blassingame; Vote:  Unanimous.


Motion to approve the Search and Screen Committee’s recommendation for Director.  Motion:  Willadsen; Second:  Rosser; Vote:  Unanimous.


Motion to adjourn at 5:50 p.m.  Motion:  Dresen; Second: Dell’Antonia; Vote:  Unanimous.


Respectfully submitted,




John Brennan