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Librarians seem to love using acronyms and other types of special jargon. This list will help library directors and trustees in decoding some of these special terms.

Ones used only in Winnefox are first, followed by terms generally used statewide.

If the initials arenít spelled out when used in speech the pronunciation is given in parentheses.


  • ABC: Audio Book Circuit. Seventeen Winnefox libraries share in the purchase of books on CD which are rotated between those libraries.
  • Envisionware: Online payment company we use to allow patrons to pay fines online.
  • ILS: Short for Integrated Library System. An ILS is an automated library catalog/circulation system.
  • LAC: Library Advisory Committee. Each county in Winnefox has an LAC which consists of directors of the libraries in that county.
  • SirsiDynix (sir-see dye-nix): The ILS vendor that Winnefox uses.
  • Symphony: the SirsiDynix software that Winnefox uses.
  • UMS: Unique Management Services. The company we use for debt collection and phone notices for those libraries participating.
  • WALS (walls): Winnefox Automated Library Services. WALS oversees our ILS, the network our libraries use, and the email system.
  • WCTS: Winnefox Cooperative Technical Services. WCTS is funded by Green Lake, Marquette, and Waushara Counties to serve the libraries in those counties. WCTS creates selection lists, orders books, DVDs, and other materials for the libraries, adds them to the catalog, and gets the items ready for the shelf. WCTS also provides “workdays” and coordinates the audiobook and large print rotating collections.
  • WorkFlows (aka WF, JWF): the software loaded on a PC that lets the user access the ILS.
  • WTEC (w-tech): Winnefox Technology Executive Council. WTEC is made up of 10 library directors and system staff. Its purpose is to advise staff on technology-related issues.
  • WYSGUYS (wise-guys): The email discussion group for those interested in youth services in Winnefox libraries.

Wisconsin and National

  • ALA: The American Library Association
  • BadgerLearn: An online continuing education portal for Wisconsin librarians.
  • BadgerLink: Wisconsin’s online library, providing access to newspapers, magazines, and other resources.
  • Badgernet: The state's high-speed telecommunication network. It uses TEACH funding to subsidize the cost of network.
  • CCBC: The Cooperative Children’s Book Center, housed on the UW-Madison Campus, collects and reviews children’s books. They are also a statewide resource for libraries whose books have been challenged.
  • COLAND (co-land): Council on Library and Network Development. COLAND is a board appointed by the Governor charged with advising the Governor on library issues.
  • DPI: The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The DPI is charged with the oversight of education and public libraries.
  • DLT (aka The Division): The Division for Libraries and Technology. The DLT is a sub-agency of the DPI and is charged with overseeing library systems and promoting and assisting public libraries. The DLT compiles libraries’ annual reports and coordinates the LSTA program.
  • E-Rate: A federal program which provides subsidies to schools and libraries for telecommunication access and service. The funds for the program is from assessments made to telephone companies.
  • FVLC: The Fox Valley Library Council promotes cooperation between all types of libraries in the area. Our libraries receive membership through Winnefox’s participation.
  • ILL: Interlibrary Loan. When a library user wants something that isn’t available through their local library the library can borrow it from another library for them.
  • IMLS: The Institute of Museum and Library Services. The IMLS coordinates the national LSTA program and compiles library statistics.
  • LSTA: The Library Services and Technology Act. LSTA is a federal grant program for libraries.
  • MLS (also MLIS). Masters degree in library science.
  • OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.): A nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization. One of its services is WorldCat, a catalog that lists the collections of over 72,000 libraries around the world.
  • OverDrive: The ebook and digital audiobook vendor Wisconsin libraries deal with.
  • PLA: The Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association. PLA sponsors a biennial national convention for public library staff and trustees.
  • SOMBAW (som-baw): The System Office Managers and Bookkeepers Association of Wisconsin, the organization of system office managers and bookkeepers.
  • SRLAAW (sir-law): The System and Resource Library Administrators’ Association of Wisconsin. SRLAAW discusses statewide library issues and coordinates library initiatives statewide.
  • TEACH: Technology for Educational Achievement in Wisconsin. A state telecommunication access program to provide discounted internet access to schools and libraries. It is funded by state and federal funds using the E-RATE program.
  • United for Libraries: The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends, and Foundations (ALTAFF) is a division of the American Library Association.
  • WLA: The Wisconsin Library Association is an association for librarians and library supporters. WLA lobbies for libraries on the state level. The annual WLA conference is in late October or early November.
  • WAPL (wa-pul): The Wisconsin Association of Public Libraries is a subdivision of WLA that focuses on public libraries. The annual WAPL conference is in late April or early May.
  • WiLS (wills): Wisconsin Library Services is a nonprofit organization that provides services to libraries and library systems.
  • WLS: Winnefox Library System. Not to be confused with WiLS.
  • WLTF: Wisconsin Library Trustees & Friends, a division of the Wisconsin Library Association. It’s mission is to foster improved abilities on the part of library trustees, Friends & advocates, in order to create better libraries and library services in Wisconsin.
  • WISCAT: A statewide library catalog that containing records from more than 500 libraries around the state.
  • WISPUBLIB (wis-pub-lib): A statewide email discussion list for public library staff.
  • WorldCat: a catalog that lists the collections of over 72,000 libraries around the world, helping library users locate and borrow the information they need.
  • WPLC: The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium is composed of the 17 library systems in Wisconsin. The WPLC coordinates statewide projects for libraries. Overdrive is a service of the WPLC.
Updated January 6, 2015