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How You Can Support Your Library

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How You Can Support Your Library


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There are a number of ways you can become involved in supporting member libraries of the Winnefox Library System:

Make your voice heard by speaking up for your library

1. Speak Up for your Library
Sign up to receive a monthly email update on library issues and occasional alerts about legislation affecting libraries. You’ll be provided with information and perspectives about those issues and will be urged to call, write or email lawmakers on significant issues of interest.

Your comments to elected officials can make a difference. Legislators have commented that most issues draw few comments and that as few as a half-dozen calls, letters, or emails from constituents can influence their decision making.

By signing up, you’ll be providing us the opportunity to quickly notify you about issues that develop so you can take action if you choose. This effective form of communication also helps hold down expenses.

If you sign up you will, of course, also be able to request removal from the program's database. This is not a lifetime commitment, and we do not plan to overwhelm supporters with material. The information you give us will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality that libraries are known for.

Sign up to speak up for your library today.

2. Volunteer
Become a Friend of Your Library. Support your library by volunteering your time, talents and dollars. Your donations are what make the local library an essential asset to your community.

3. Use Your Library
A successful library is a library that is used. Your library contains a wealth of resources, information and professional assistance & it is there for the taking. Take advantage of your library to enrich your life!

Updated August 31, 2009