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Staff of the Winnefox Library System

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106 Washington Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901-4985
voice: 920-236-5220
fax: 920-236-5228
Administrative Staff:
photo of Jeff Gilderson-Duwe

Jeff Gilderson-Duwe, Executive Director
Jeff manages and coordinates the activities of the library system. He is the executive officer of the Board of Trustees and has sole charge of the administration of the system under the direction and review of the board. He is also director of the Oshkosh Public Library.

photo of Mark Arend

Mark Arend, Assistant Director
Day-to-day administrative responsibility is exercised by the Assistant Director. Mark oversees employment and direction of staff, the efficiency of the system's service to member libraries & the public, and the operation of the system under the financial conditions set forth in the annual budget and plan of service. He also coordinates in-service training to member library staff, serves as Winnefox's continuing education coordinator & validator, and assists member libraries with identifying alternative funding sources.

Winnefox Automated Library Services (WALS) Staff:

* Keetra Baker, Database-Application Developer
* Jody Cleveland, Network Manager/Web Developer Specialist

* Pete Hodge, Network Manager/PC Support Specialist
* Melissa Klein, ILS Specialist
* Karla Smith, ILS Manager

Winnefox Cooperative Technical Services (WCTS) Staff:
photo of Cindy Wallace

Cindy Wallace, WCTS Program Coordinator
Cindy provides cooperative purchasing and physical processing of library materials. She also barcodes and enters data for the processed materials into the shared catalog.


* Susan Burns, Office Clerk
* Andree Chamberlin, Clerk

Continuing Education / Interlibrary Loan Staff:
photo of Joy Schwarz

Joy Schwarz, Continuing Education/Training Librarian
Joy plans and administers continuing education activities for library staff, writes The Ides tech tips blog and the Library Sparks blog, and supervises the Interlibrary Loan department.


* Michelle Rosenberg, Interlibrary Loan Specialist
* Sandy Abler, Interlibrary Loan Clerk
* Eric Egan, Interlibrary Loan Clerk
* Janna Putzer, Interlibrary Loan Clerk
* Tracy Scheller, Interlibrary Loan Clerk

Support Services:
photo of Julie Schmude

Julie Schmude, Administrative Coordinator
Julie is responsible for the general operation of the system office, supervision of administrative staff and coordination of the system van delivery service to member libraries.

Here are photos of our van delivery drivers.


* Marcy Cannon, Administrative Specialist
* Lizbeth Terrell, Administrative Specialist
* Ken Bauman, Van Driver

* Peter Hennes, Van Driver
* Clarence Levy, Van Driver
* John Neal, Van Driver
* Vicky Schettl, Van Driver
* David Schmude, Substitute Van Driver
* Jack Starrett, Van Driver

photo of Winnie Fox, Winnefox mascot

Winnie Fox, Mascot
Winnie is the official mascot of the Winnefox Library System. The costumed character comes to life as a lovable, entertaining and memorable ambassador for the system libraries.

Updated May 17, 2016