New Public Library Director Boot Camp 2016 logo

The 2016 New Public Library Boot Camp was held on September 29-30, 2016, at the Fairfield Inn & Suites-Wausau, in Weston, Wisconsin.

The purpose of this event is twofold: to share essential information that every Wisconsin public library director needs to know, and to facilitate networking among new directors and their seasoned peers. Fifty-three new directors attended the 2016 boot camp.

This event would not have been successful without the dedicated work of the following people: Betsy Bleck, John DeBacher, Nick Dimassis, Cindy Fesemyer, Terrie Howe, Leah Langby, Sherry Machones, Jamie McCanless, Connie Meyer, Ben Miller, Raina Roloff, Tessa Michaelson Schmidt, Shannon Schultz, Brian Simons, and Pamela Westby. We also thank the Winnefox Library System for hosting the boot camp information on their website and to Joy Schwarz of Winnefox for her assistance.

We anticipate that the next boot camp will held in the fall of 2017.